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Ink me baby..

Well, hmm, I was bored on Thursday, so I got a new tattoo. Nothing like having someone inflict a small amount of pain on you, and you pay them! *winks* My artist Jeremiah is a cutie though, I didn't mind spending 5 hours in small quarters with him. Yum. Got some Wings an Japanese writing says "Love, Beautiful, Spirit, Gentleness" Might go in Friday for another, suckers are addicting.

Otherwise, lets see. Nothing exciting. Woo. Did some LARP on Friday. Was cold. Brr. Didn't really get much done though, we're going to have to go indoors soon, s'getting really cold at night here already..

Yah. That's it. Oh and I posted in the right place. Yay! *winks at BD*
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