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Whew! That was a kinda fast week :( If you didn't know, I went to Chicago for vacation. It was pretty funa nd didn't drive me broke.

Let's see...Monday we got to the hotel close to 4pm and hung in the room for about an hour...then we walked...yah, I walked....over to BIG BOWL which I had been waiting for the last year. UNFORTUNATELY, they didn't serve the dish I had been lusting for so I had to settle for less. :( Then later we ordered some room service. nachos, buffalo wings, and 2 slices of cheesecake was $38 :/Then I gave in and drank a Pepsi out of the minibar that would come to cost me $4.38!!!! Bastards

Tuesday was a great day. My sister and I got plenty of things accomplished. First thing...we walked down to the Art Institute and I got to see my favorite painting in the world...Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. These dudes on the street were passing out free bottles of water by Gatorade called Propel. Good stuff. It was lemon flavor and it was like drinking lemonade without sugar. I liked it.
Then we took a cab out to Navy Pier which was cool as hell. We walked around a lil bit before eating at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. This place rocked! Forrest Gump crap everywhere and the movie played on all the tvs. The waitress was cute and I think she liked me cuz I saw her read the comment card I filled out. Maybe she was checkin me out since they asked for my address. Yeah, baby! After that we walked the pier and did some goofy stuff like this 3D ride that was cheesy as hell...and a VR roller coaster that broke my glass from Bubba Gump :/ We *did* take a speedboat tour around Lake Michigan that was fun and cold. \
Oooh we also got a chance to eat dinner at Issac Hayes's restaurant. *drool* Anyone who knows me knows I am a black man trapped in the body of a white boy. Wonderful BBQ at his joint. I got a rib platter that came with 8 ribs, fries, beans, corn on the cob and a cornbread muffin for $16. Yummy in my tummy! I also bought a shirt there which I have on now.

Wednesday we went to the Hancock Observatory which to me is just like visiting the Sears Tower except here there's the Cheesecake Factory down below waiting for ya. We took a few pics with some props they had so I'll post them when I get them developed and scanned. Then we went to Bloomingdale's...which sucks ass if you're male. Not a damned thing to do here. Afterwards we walked down to FAO Schwartz...which has got to be the most expensive toy store full of shit. Toys R Us is much better.
We stopped for lunch at this place called Bistro 110. $27 for a piece of bass and some shitty ass vegetables. But Candace wanted to eat there so we're good. I made up for it by getting a shake at Ghirardelli's which is like an old timey soda fountain...I love those. I want one when I grow up. Then we just walked down Michigan Ave. taking pictures and window shopping. I didn't wanna go broke :) Other stuff happened that wasn't too eventful so I'll shut up

Thursday was rainy as hell so we didn't get out much. We tried visiting a pub called Emmit's but it was closed. The significance of this joint is that in Ocean's Eleven...when Danny says they need one more...he meets Matt Damon in Emmit's. So we took the cab all the way back to the hotel and decided to go to a favorite place of mine...Billy Goat Tavern. This place is awesome. if you ever saw the SNL skit with CHEESEBORGER! you'd know why. Just a great old place to hang and have a triple cheese with chips and a root beer. AND! I got a Slurpee! from 7-Eleven. those havent been in Houston since the 80s so I was excited as hell to find one :) I got a mixture of Cherry and Sour Apple and drank it while Candace bought shoes. it was nummy

SO today was our day to come back and it was cold as hell and I wore shorts. Our flight was delayed an hour and a half by bad weather in St. Louis but it was all good. I'm home now and I had a good trip. Next year, we're heading to Vegas though. Candace turns 21 and I wanna rob a casino.
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